100% Off - Draw.io basic course

Everything you need to create your first projects in draw.io

👉What you’ll learn

  • The most important windows, panels, menus and how to navigate the program
  • Elements used in creating projects like shapes, connections and text. Each of them has a separate lesson

  • The possibility of saving and exporting projects to many formats, including embedding on a website

  • Finally, see 3 example projects made step by step: algorithm flowchart, infograpfic and floorplan


  • A computer with the internet and the willingness to learn 🙂 In the course we use the online version of draw io. There are also desktop versions available on the most popular operating systems
  • The course starts with complete basics, you do not need to have any specialist knowledge


What does the course include ?
– 14 lessons, including 3 practical projects made step by step, showing the possibilities of using Draw io. Over 2h of specific and useful knowledge.
– Package of files used during the course.
The course presents the most important elements and functions of the draw io program, allowing you to create simple projects. It is also an excellent base for studying other program options.                                                                  
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