100% Off - Apache Spark for Data Science : New Beginner's Course (2019)

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👉What you’ll learn

  • Foundations of Apache Spark
  • How to Spark on Databricks

  • Using Spark SQL for Analysis

  • Machine Learning using MLlib
  • Real-Time Data Analysis with Spark Streaming
  • Connecting Tableau to Spark


  • Basic understanding of Hadoop ecosystem
  • Some prior programming or scripting experience


Apache Spark is a powerful platform that provides users with new ways to store and make use of big data. In this course, get up to speed with Spark, and discover how to leverage this popular processing engine to deliver effective and comprehensive insights into your data. Instructor Shokat Ali provides an overview of the platform, going into the different components that make up Apache Spark. He shows how to analyze data in Spark using PySpark and Spark SQL, explores running machine learning algorithms using MLlib, demonstrates how to create a streaming analytics application using Spark Streaming, and more.

In this course, we’ll look at how to use the Apache Spark platform for data science. I’ll start by showing you an overview of the platform and going through each component, so we have a baseline understanding of how it works. Then, we’ll take a look at using Spark to analyze data with Python using PySpark, then using Spark SQL. We’ll explore machine learning techniques,and we’ll finish by creating a streaming analytics application using Spark Streaming. We’ll be covering all of these topics to get you up to speed with Spark and help you start delivering effective and more comprehensive insights. Let’s dive in.
Topics include:
  • Understanding Spark
  • Reviewing Spark components
  • Where Spark shines
  • Understanding data interfaces
  • Working with text files
  • Loading CSV data into DataFrames
  • Using Spark SQL to analyze data
  • Running machine learning algorithms using MLib
  • Querying streaming data
  • Connecting BI tools to Spark                                                                        
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