100% Off - Web-developer career constructor

Comprehensive guidance for JavaScript career beginners from experienced code-mentor. – Free Course

👉What you’ll learn

  • Create your first portfolio without having a job
  • Learn frameworks & programming languages faster

  • Manage your daily job spending less energy


  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript


This is video is a compilation of good advices for JavaScript career jump-start. It’s a result of communication with over 200 people from different countries. Curious, but behavior patterns and mistakes are quite similar. Frequently people dive into number of courses and bootcamps to start career, spending a lot of money and time. I wanted to uncover some ideas about learning process itself because many people use academic stye. But it’s not working well for development, the approach for this area is totally different. It’s a place where you can build whatever you want, build things, test, crash it hundreds times per day. You don’t need to make things right, you just need to play with them. As far as you understand it, you’ll be able to learn any technology quite fast.                                                         
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