100% Off - Build A Website in 1 Hour

Minimal Technical Skills Required – Free Course

👉What you’ll learn

  • Website Building
  • Small Business Startup


  • You should have a computer and online access.
  • You should have profile information ready to post on the website.
  • You should have any media ready that you will be posting on the homepage, products page, or blog. This includes any pictures, text, or videos.
  • The website builder allows for a free trial without needing a domain name.
  • A Facebook page should be setup so that it can be linked. Any other social media accounts should be setup that will be referenced.


In this course, you will use a popular website builder to practice online and build a website. It may take some longer than others, but minimal technical skills will be required.

The course includes building a home page, a contact page, a blog page, as well as a product page. Multiple hints and tips are given along the way to help you understand how to build your web page effectively using a branding and operational strategy.                                                 
100% Off - Build A Website in 1 Hour 100% Off - Build A Website in 1 Hour Reviewed by Yunus Emre Dikmen on Aralık 30, 2018 Rating: 5

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