%100 Off - Unity Basics: A Monetised Android/iOS Game in 4 Hours.

Unity, Basic 3D Game Design with C# Coding. Monetise your games with Ad Support. Suitable for Beginners - Intermediate

👉What will I learn?

Build a complete Android/iOS Games In Unity
Monetise Your Games With Ad Support
Code Functionality In C#
Understand how Shaders are used to create interesting visual effects
Polish your Games to be Market Ready.
Have the skills and knowledge to build your own Games.

👉 Requirements

No programming experience necessary, all you need is a computer and an internet connection

👉 Description

In 2013 Dong Nguyen spent 2-3 days making a simple mobile game called Flappy Bird which went on to earn $50,000 a day in ad-sense revenue. In the last half of 2018, it's not uncommon for a single mobile game to pull in over 1 million dollars a DAY in micro-transactions and ad-sense revenue. 
In this course, we will be be making a simple but addictive mobile game, that we will monetise with ads in only 4 hours. We will cover; 

Installing and Using Unity, Mobile Setup, Variables & Functions, Materials, 3D Models, Player Movement, Mobile Input, Camera Movement, Adjusting Player Models, Project Management, Prefabricated Objects, Grouping Prefabs, Score System, Procedural Level Generation, Object Spawning, Randomised Game Design, Curved World Shader Implementation, Object Memory Management, Menu Systems, Menu Layouts, Menu Animations, Pause Menu, Saving & Loading Data, Unity Ads, Monetisation Design Principles.

👉 Who İs the Target Audience ? 

Beginner game developers looking at creating mobile games with monetization
%100 Off - Unity Basics: A Monetised Android/iOS Game in 4 Hours. %100 Off -  Unity Basics: A Monetised Android/iOS Game in 4 Hours. Reviewed by Yunus Emre Dikmen on Kasım 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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