%100 Off - Master in Photoshop from zero to pro

Master in Photoshop with this course and no prior knowledge will be required.

👉What will I learn?

Create graphics, frame and video timeline, web UI
Create business cards, logo, icons, infographics
Alter, manipulate images, retouch faces, change clothes, eye color
Hands-on adobe photoshop tools

👉 Requirements

No prior knowledge will be required.
Photoshop cc 2017 (version may be vary) will be required.

👉 Description

 What this course covers?
- Every tool in Photoshop

- Animation in Phtoshop

- Modify Video in Photoshop

- Image manipulation

- Create icons

- Alter images

- Design web UI templates

- Create business cards

- Working with shapes

- Create infographs

- Downloadable fonts, files and brushes

… and so much more!

Why this course will be helpful to you? 

I have covered all the tools in Photoshop that you will require in Photoshop to create stupendous graphics and UI's. This course will provide you idea about Photoshop tools and how to alter images in Photoshop.

After completing this course, you will find yourself confident and after practice, you can use your skills in your professional work. You will feel control on your skills and able to complete more projects without any hassle. Whether learning Photoshop is your personal hobby, professional work or interest, this course will definately help you there. So, feel free and start learning Photoshop today!

Who your instructor is? 

My name is Prince and I'm your virtual instructor of this course. I created many website UI templates, dashboards, application screens for growing companies. I also designed business cards, certificates, icons and created short animation videos for company promotions. I have 5+ years of experience in photoshop and I also know about web designing and development.

Raise your doubts and fix them with me anytime because I believe when you learn something then learn it completely so, no one can trick you with questions.

👉 Who İs the Target Audience ? 

Beginners who want to learn about Photoshop.
Curious and interest person in Photoshop.
Learners who pursue their career in Photoshop designing.
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