%100 Off - Learn Python by Creating a Pirate Trading Game Like Taipan!

The most fun way and exciting way to learn Python from Beginning to Expert Level by creating a Pirate Trading Game!

👉What you’ll learn

  • Create basic to intermediate Python applications
  • Understand basic concepts such as variables, loops, conditions, collections, and methods

  • Apply common design patterns to build increasingly complex applications

  • 👉Requirements

    • Basic computer skills
    • Ability to download files and install software
    • A Python IDE like Visual Studio, Eclipse, Sublime – This course uses Visual Studio 2017
    • Someone who wants to rapidly go from beginning to advanced programming topics


    This course is for anyone excited about Python and wanting to learn it from beginning to expert level.
    Perhaps you want to learn Python for school, data science, deep learning, or to get a career developing business applications. If so, this course is for you. While we are making a fun Pirate Trading Game like the original Taipan the skills you learn will allow you to begin developing Python applications in virtually any discipline. Making a Python game is a FUN way to learn these core Python principals. In addition this course is fast paced and designed to quickly move you into more complex object oriented design patterns.

    With much experience in course design, this course was created from the ground up to be the most fun way possible to learn Python. We start at the very beginning with simple print, input, and if statements. Soon we are doing while loops, for loops, and are working with dictionaries and collections. After getting through the basics we jump into object oriented programming, refactoring our game and introducing you to more advanced topics.
    And who doesn’t want to make a fun Pirate Trading Game?
    NOTE: This course uses an ‘old school’ text interface very similar to the original Taipan. The focus is on object oriented design patterns and game architecture…. not on graphics or presentation.
    In this course we cover all core aspects of the Python language:
    • Variables
    • While & For Loops
    • Tuples, Dictionaries, and Lists
    • Using constants to improve code readability
    • Object Oriented Principals
    • Understanding the difference between instance and class methods
    • Using the random number library
    • Diving your code up into multiple files for easier management
    • Creating and using a Game Manager object
    • Learn a variety of ways to pass arguments to methods
    • Managing Collections of Objects and Critical Design Patterns
    • Learn to load your game data from CSV files
    At the end of this course you will have the foundation for a fun pirate trading game. Most importantly this course covers all the core Python language structures and commands you need to know to build your own projects                                                        

%100 Off - Learn Python by Creating a Pirate Trading Game Like Taipan! %100 Off - Learn Python by Creating a Pirate Trading Game Like Taipan! Reviewed by Yunus Emre Dikmen on Kasım 28, 2018 Rating: 5

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