%100 Off - 3 Dog Days Adoption & Rehabilitation Program

You will have a Great Family Dog and Learn to Rehabilitate Dogs as a Dog Behavior Consultant or Rescue Foster! – Free Course

👉What you’ll learn

  • How to quickly, easily enable your new dog to become happy, well-behaved and adjusted in just one weekend!
  • Increased knowledge needed to help Dog Parents as a Dog Behavior Consultant. Certificate of Completion.

  • To Rehabilitate/Foster Rescue Dogs and get them ready for Adoption in just 3 days.

  • How to use the 3 Dog Day's System to improve your current Dog's Behavior and Reduce Fear.
  • NEW, Truly effective way to prevent/improve separation anxiety. Shown in real time with actual dog rehab cases.
  • How to get your Dog to LOVE his Crate!
  • To use Silence and Body Language to better Communicate with Dogs.
  • How to prevent potty accidents.


    • Bring an open mind and the desire to help dogs with this revolutionary dog adoption/rehabilitation program.
    • No previous dog experience necessary!


    Bravo to you for Adopting or Furthering your Dog Training Education! A Dog is an incredible blessing, but sadly, too many dogs are returned due to fear, aggression or separation anxiety. It’s not the dog’s fault and it doesn’t have to happen!
    This 3 Dog Days Educational Course is extremely effective in preventing dogs from being returned to shelters AND teaching people how to rehabilitate dogs. It immediately shows dogs they are safe, calms them and teaches them respectful behavior. It’s designed to work over a weekend so you can return to work on Monday if needed.
    3 Dog Days eliminates the need to study. Just follow 3 main techniques for 3 days and your dog will learn as you learn. Real life dog/human interactions captured on professional video and fully explained with amazing graphics. You’ll get important, printable downloads to hang on your refrigerator to keep you focused and supported through the program. For Dog Behavior Students, a certificate of completion will be provided.This revolutionary dog rehabilitation program was developed by Angie Winters of Angie4Dogs and it’s not the typical dog training you’ve seen in the past. It’s innovative and it works! So, bring your new dog home, rehabilitate a dog that is already a member of your family or further your dog training expertise. Together, we can help save millions and make the world a better place for dogs.
    “If everyone getting a puppy would watch Angie’s videos first, puppies/dogs wouldn’t be filling the shelters. We’ve used her “3 Dog Days” program for years in our prison dog training program. I believe it’s a huge part of our success placing dogs in their forever homes.” Dawn, Two Rivers Correctional Institute                                               

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