%100 Off - Welcome To Game Design - Introduction to Game Design Theory Course

Digital, Board Games and Gamification: find your ideal Game Role in the Game Industry while learning about all areas.

☛ What will I learn?

Understand what makes a game be a game
Get to know in which area the student fits better
Know the differences between the different types of Game Producers
Know the different Games Purposes
Learn how to adjust and choose the best tutorial for each Target Audience
Find free assets to use in their games, even commercially
Fill a basic Game Design Document for their own games
Choose the best Store to publish games, according to the team's goal

☛ Requirements

There are absolutely no prerequisites to take this course.

☛ Description

This is NOT a Programming course, the Goal is to understand the theory behind the creation of games.

You will learn about many different aspects of Game Design and how they work, such as:

What a Game is (Goal, Interaction, Obstacles and Rules)

Types of Games (Digital, Analog and Gamification)

Game Loops

Game Arcs

Game Roles

Game Industry (Publishers, Game Studios and Indie Game Studios)

Game Purposes

Layers of a Digital Game

Tutorials (Explicit, Implicit)

Licensing (Royalty free, Creative Commons)

Game Design Document (+ Template)


Publishing Games (Google Play, App Store, Steam and Itch io)

By the end of some classes, I’ll challenge you to do some exercises, to help you learn better. They are not mandatory, but they can make you become a better game designer.

You will also answer some Quizzes, to help you memorize what you learnt even more.

You’ll also be able to download the presentation used in this course.

This course will help you create a bionic eye, after your know how games are made, playing them will never be the same again.

Enroll Now and I See you in the course!

☛ Who İs the Target Audience ? 

People who want to learn about the Game Industry
People who want to understand Game Theory
Anyone who plans to work with Games in any area
Humans that want to create a Bionic eye and play games as a Game Designer
Teams who want to learn how to earn money by making games
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