100% Off - Ultimate WordPress Package Volume 5 And 6

Learn WordPress like never before

☛ What Will I Learn?

How to create child theme
Before we customize
Personal greeting short code
Flex date short code
Remove URL underline
Remove incorrect login Shake
Re-brand Admin bar WP logo
Remove top white space
Adjust gap between posts on homepage
Add boarder below header
Customize site description
Customize site title
Random admin page announcement
Add drop-down menu to admin bar
What is a forum
Different forum applications
Install BB Press
Convert other forum to bb press
Forum structure
Create forums
Customize category display
Creating sticky topics
Creating a registration page
Customizing search boxes
Create password reset page
Forum spam prevention

☛ Requirements

Just a pc and internet

☛ Description

Ultimate WordPress Package Volume 5 And 6: This is the 5th and 6th installment of videos in this series.  This volume has a Massive  28 very comprehensive detailed videos and it includes all the tips and tricks you need to master in order to be a Wordpress webmaster.  In fact, by the time you take all the training of all the volumes you'll be able to offer your services on Upwork (and other platforms) as an expert Wordpress webmaster and you'll be able to command a great rate for your services. More volumes will be posted in the following Money Pages. This is a fantastic education presented in an easy to follow format.  This is certification level training!

☛ Who is the target audience?

People who are serious in becoming WP web designers
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