100% Off - The Rookie Trader’s Guide To Consistent Profitable Trading

How To Trade The Financial Markets Like A Pro (+ Practice activities, LIVE analysis examples, & how to use a platform)

☛ What Will I Learn?

A Complete, Proven, & PRACTICAL Guide That Will Take You From Being A Beginner To Becoming A Successful Trader
Trade FX, Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Debt, Indices, & CFDs With Confidence
Margin Trading & How To Make Money With Forex, CFDs, & Financial Spread Betting
Understand A Range Of Techniques & Concepts That Will Turn You Into A SUCCESSFUL Trader
The Secrets Of Trading So You Can Maximize Profits & Minimize Losses
Start To CONFIDENTLY Analyse The Financial Markets Using Proven Technical Analysis Techniques
The 4 Big Risks All Traders Face & How To Manage Them Effectively
Approach The Complex World Of Trading With CONFIDENCE & EXCITEMENT
Have A THOROUGH Understanding Of The Products You Trade (including CFDs, spread betting and margin FX trading)
Understand The 4 Asset Classes All Markets Are Split Into: Equities, FX, Commodities & Debt
Choose & Be Correctly Set Up With A Broker
Appreciate The Benefits & Drawbacks Of Margin Trading
The Key Concepts Around Buying, Selling & Setting Orders
Have A FIRM GRASP Of The Costs Of Trading
Be Able To Study Charts Like A PRO
Make Your First Profitable Trade (& From There Start To Successfully & Consistently Make Winning Trades)

☛ Requirements

No Prior Knowledge Or Experience Is Necessary To Take This Course But A Keen Interest In Finance & Trading Helps
All A Student Needs To Take This Course Is A Computer Or Mobile Device With Internet Connection.

☛ Description


In this new course you'll learn the key concepts, techniques and skills all traders starting out should know. After taking this course, you will be able to confidently approach Forex trading, CFD trading and financial spread betting. What's taught can be applied when trading a range of markets including fx, share, crypto, commodity, debt and indices. 
You'll have a solid grounding in several fundamental concepts (which are almost never taught to beginners) that will transform you into a smart trader who easily identifies the winning trades from the losing ones.


The Key Concepts & Techniques Understood By All Successful Traders

The Foundations All New Traders Need To Understand To Unlock The Opportunities When Trading The Financial Markets

The Traits, Secrets & Mindset Of A Successful Trader

How To Maximize Profits & Minimize Losses When Trading

Get A Deep Understanding Of The Financial World, Its Unlimited Opportunities & How To Cash In On Them

Trading VS Investing & How To Use Both For Maximum Profits

The 3 Layers Of Financial Instruments (Contracts, Cash/Derivative, & Asset Classes)

The 4 Broad Asset Classes Of Financial Instruments (Equities, Foreign Exchange, Commodities & Debt)

The Power Of Margin Trading, Its Risks (& How To Manage Them), & The Popular Types Of Margin Trading (CFD Trading, Spread Betting, & Margined Forex Trading)

The Definition Of A Market & The Different Types You Can Trade In

The Costs Of Trading

Trading Accounts & Choosing Your Broker (+ Free Guide On How To Select A Broker)

The 4 Main Risks Of Trading & How To Manage Them (+ A Powerful Risk Management Tool & A Handy Money Management Technique)

2 Types Of Analysis To Help You Make Great Trading Decisions

The 3 Popular Types Of Charts Traders Use & How To Use Them Effectively For Predicting Potential Future Price Movements

The Concept Of Support & Resistance Along With The Japanese Candlestick For Technical Analysis

Examples Of Analysis On LIVE Markets

A Selection Of How-To Videos That Teach You How To Use A Trading Platform


The course instructor is Phillip Konchar and he is Head Tutor at My Trading Skills™. With over 10 years of teaching experience, Philip has taught many rookie traders from all around the world and helped them be at the top of their game by becoming very knowledgeable & competent traders.

New traders make a ton of mistakes...For example, you wouldn't drive without first taking lessons, you wouldn't let a child start to swim without an instructor, but for some reason most new traders, risking their own hard earned capital, think they can beat the markets without first learning how to do it properly…

This might be the reason why the UK's Financial Conduct Authority found that a staggering 82% of retail traders lost money.....if you're genuinely interested in trading and want to learn how to do it confidently, consistently and with longevity, please don't make the same mistakes the average trader makes and take the time to enroll in our course & learn it properly.


Reason #1: Unlike most courses out there, this course is A-Z Complete, Practical, & proven...and is taught by an Expert with 10 years of teaching experience.

Reason #2: This course takes the (somewhat) complicated process of trading and makes it simple by shortening the learning curve as well as equip the rookie traders with the right knowledge, tools & skills they need to succeed!

Reason #3: Students often enroll in courses that don’t really give them a deep understanding of the subject and they end up losing money while trading...This course will change all of that. Following what is taught in this course, you’ll know exactly what markets you can trade, which one(s) best suits you & how you can trade it for profits!

Reason #4: Because you’ll be learning from actual experts in the industry, the risk of you wasting time &/or losing money is minimized. On top of the course (which is a game changer in & of itself), you’ll also get regular updates on all things trading.

Reason #5: Unlike most trading courses, what you’ll learn from this course will transform you into a trader who makes smart trading decisions. The knowledge, tools, & skills you will learn are very valuable and are only understood/possessed by PRO traders.

Reason #6: Contrary to popular belief, Becoming a successful trader does NOT require a lot of time or money but you do need to learn the right skills. After taking our course, you’ll be ready to analyze the markets and make your first profitable trade!

That’s not all...when you enroll in this course, you’ll also receive:

A risk free, no quibble, full 30 day money back guarantee

Free access to an ongoing stream of My Trading Skills™ technical and fundamental market analysis (You’ll get to see experienced analysts in action)

Unlimited lifetime access to the Udemy course, including new lectures and materials when added

We'll also support you - you won’t be alone! We'll be on hand to answer any questions you have and go above and beyond to support your trading journey and make sure you’re successful with our course.


☛ Who is the target audience?

Students Interested In Trading The Markets For Profit
Traders That Have Started But Failed To Make Money Trading
Staff New To Or Aspiring To Find A Place In The Retail Derivatives Industry (Brokers, Financial News Sites..etc)
Students Who Want To Understand How The Financial Markets Work
Students Interested In Investing
Students Who Want To Get Into Forex Trading
Students Who Want To Get Into Crypto-currency Trading
Students Who Want To Get Into Stock Trading
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