100% Off - Refine your Vocabulary

a guide to help you improve your vocabulary; develop your writing and speaking skills

☛ What Will I Learn?

  • This course will help you learn to convey your intended meaning more precisely when you write and when you speak.

☛ Requirements

  • You should be able to use English at an intermediate level
  • You should have intermediate understanding of the English grammar and vocabulary

☛ Description

In this course, you will find 40 most commonly used words in the English languages, and you will learn their replacement words, together with their specific definitions and the examples of how to use them.
  • After each lesson, there are quizzes which test your knowledge about other alternatives to the common words in the preceding lesson, a more thorough list of alternatives or synonyms for the common word. Although this list may not include all synonyms, we’ve listed the most relevant alternatives.
  • There are also practice tests to make sure that you can use the replacement words in the right contexts.

Because common words in the English language can be vague, or sometimes cause confusion in a sentence, this course will teach you how to choose specific alternatives to these common words, which helps you to more precisely convey your intended meaning.
Refine Your Vocabulary course is for middle-school and high school students who are learning English, for adults who write and speak in their profession and for those wishing to improve their vocabulary to be more effective in what they say.
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