100% Off - Practical Latex: The First Course

Learn Latex to Create High Quality Professional Documents

☛ What Will I Learn?

  • Write thesis, write research papers, typeset a book or a technical report.

☛ Requirements

  • Basic Computer Knowledge

☛ Description

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
  1. Do the installations and setup Latex System on PC
  2. Typeset a document in Latex.
  3. Make Lists of many types using Latex
  4. Make tables of various varieties.
  5. Using images in your documents which are well-aligned and look perfectly balanced.
  6. Write mathematical equations having complex symbols and structures in latex.
  7. Making presentations in Latex.
  8. Writing report or scientific articles in latex.
  9. Writing a thesis in latex.
  10. Write a book in latex
  11. Resolve common errors in Latex

Target Audience:
1. Anyone who wants to learn Latex to create high-quality professional documents
2. Educators
3. Researchers
4. Students of all levels, graduate students
Future Upgrades:
Following 3 lectures will be added in near future:
1. Third and final lecture on beamer package (By end of July 2018)
2. Drawing diagrams and figures in latex using Ticks package. (in August 2018)
3. Working on multi-file projects (in August 2018)
About the Instructor:
  • Engineer and Researcher
  • eBook Author
  • Writer, Blogger
  • Develop websites as a hobby
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