%100 Off - Piano Technique Exercises Vol.4

Mastering rhythmical figures – Free Course

👉What Will I Learn?

  • Students will be able to play and recognize these rhythmical figures with more sound control and accurracy.
  • You will learn how to use rhythmical solfeggio when you practice these exercises.

  • You will add more variations to your scale practice in order to master rhythm.


  • Having a good internet connection is necessary in order to watch the videos.
  • Basic knowledge of rhythmical figures is recommendable
  • Having a piano, keyboard or MIDI controller is necessary to practice the exercises of this course.
  • Basic Piano knowledge as the notes and C major scale is important to be able to follow the instructor recommendations.


Are you a piano student and do you want to stop struggling with rhythmic figures when you play?
Are you tired of playing inaccurate rhythmic figures when you play your piano repertoire?
This course for you!
This course of piano technique exercises Vol.4 is specially designed for you to learn to play different rhythmic figures incorporating them to the practice of C major scale .
This course is not focused on learning to play C Major scale, but using this scales as a tool to learn to play rhythmical figures.
This course contains:
  • 100% practical videos where it shows how to work each figure.

  • Tips to be able to play efficiently and incorporate it into the daily technique routine.
  • Incorporation of rhythmical solfeggio to master the figures worked.
  • Explanation of each figure for greater understanding.
    Register in this course and make that leap to a greater mastery of rhythmic figures such as:
  • Whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eight notes, sixteenth notes.
  • Triplets and its subdivisions.
  • Syncopation.
  • Combination of eighth notes and sixteenth notes, dotted notes.
    If you have any questions you can send a message and gladly receive advice to know if this course is for you.                                                      
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