100% Off - Modern web development course: beginner to advanced

Start with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and move to NodeJS/HapiJS, ReactJS, and finally implement a sentiment analyzer.

☛ What Will I Learn?

Move from level "no idea" in web application development to advanced level.
Understand how to style your webpages with CSS
Understand how to implement HTML pages
Learn programming concepts from scratch in JavaScript: conditions, loops, functions, OOP, etc
Learn concepts such as promises, using the fetch API, arrow functions, python integration in NodeJS, etc
Build your own sentiment analizer using NLTK, ReactJS, HapiJS and related technologies.

☛ Requirements

A Windows/Linux PC or a Mac computer.

☛ Description

This course takes you through mordern web development. We start by learning the basics: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this we learn:

* The most important HTML elements and attributes.

* How to style our webpages with CSS and the meanings of the different CSS properties

* Basic programming concepts via JavaScript: variables, conditions, loops, functions, classes, etc

Then we move into intermediate and advanced concepts in ES6, ReactJS, NodeJS/HapiJS. In this we learn:

* ReactJS

* Promises

* Arrow functions

* Fetch API

* HapiJS server setup

Finally, we learn how to integrate the Python Natural Language ToolKit into our NodeJS to develop a sentiment analysis app (parts of the Starting with NodeJS-HapiJS and ReactJS course is used).

☛ Who is the target audience?

Anyone who wishes to learn the basics of programming.
If you are already familiar with programming and web application development but would like to build a more complex application.
Anyone who wishes to learn JavaScript.
Anyone who wishes to learn HTML.
Anyone who wishes to know how to apply CSS to a website/app.
If you have no idea how websites/applications are created and would like to learn from scratch to advanced level.
Anyone who wishes to learn ReactJS.
If you would like to learn NodeJS and HapiJS framework.
If you would plan to find a job as a web developer and wants to know what is expected of you.
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