100% Off - Instagram Founder's 5-Minute Cure for Procrastination Course

Discover How to Stop Procrastinating Using A Simple 5-Minute Technique Used Also By Instagram's Founder Kevin Systrom – Free Course

☛ What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to beat procrastination
  • Learn how to change, eliminate, or create new habits

  • Learn how to manage time properly to avoid dipping into procrastination again

  • Understand procrastination, habits, time and mind management

☛ Requirements

  • A Will to Beat Procrastination

☛ Description

Hi. I’m Bryan Bolt and today you are about to learn how to stop procrastinating using a simple 5 minute technique used also by Instagram’s Founder Kevin Systrom.
I’ve now thaught this technique to more than 1200 people from more than 98 different countries all over the world to finally beat their procrastination. And people have been absolutely thrilled by the results they have been getting.
I’ve studied the leading researchers in psychology and behaviour and what they’ve thaught me is that the moment you want to change, break a habit, or do something that is hard or scary and you hesitate, your brain goes to work to stop you.
We keep telling ourselves that this time we are really gonna do it, but we never do. Something seemingly more important and more urgent always seems to come up, and we don’t get it done.
This doesn’t have to be your experience.
I’ve created 5-Minute Motivation to show you how to free yourself, beat procrastination and take control of your life, once and for all.
This program is also a rallying cry.
Every week I meet people who would desperately like to exercise, finish their latest project, who would like to study and finish college, but they just can’t do it. They feel stuck and overwhelmed.
Others start, but then fall off the wagon in a matter of weeks or even days.
And this also happened to me, in my own life.
Ever since my later years of high school, I had tried to make exercise a permanent habit.
But for over 12 years it never stuck, despite my efforts.
I just couldn’t get motivated.
I went out and I read every book and I listened to every audio and video course on motivation.. I went through my usual “get motivated” routine. I listened to motivational vidoes, did visualization techniques, learned from some of the greatest motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and Nick Vujicic… and you know what?
And things didn’t change for months.. not until one evening, when I accidentally discovered a suprisingly effective technique, and saw that the changes I made were actually lasting, I realized why the prior strategies I relied upon were complete failures.

I now exercise almost every day. I work out at my local gym two times per week and do yoga 5 times per week. I’m really close to achieving and even exceeding my fitness goals.
I thought myself how to beat my procrastination with a simple mind trick.. which let to an amazing superpower..
And that’s what I am going to teach you how to do.
You’ll get my complete step by step blueprint on how to use the 5 minute rule in your own life and a series of 9 video trainings plus set of powerful exercises to help you beat your workout procrastination reach your biggest, wildest dreams.
Inside this course, I’m going help you create your very own 5 minute rule that fits perfectly with your own unique life situation, how to stay motivated during the long run, and the 3 critical rules you can’t afford to break to make your 5 minute rule a success.
This technique, backed by the latest findings in neuroscience and behavioral psychology and Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom’s favorite life hack, allows you to beat your brain at its own game and distract it from the ways that it tries to sabotage you. And this changes everything.
Learning this technique is a totally new way to approach motivation and it gives you a powerful, powerful new superpower. And I’m really excited to have it all in one awesome course for you to discover. And I think this is going to be… it’s going to be a life changing experience for you… and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.
Alright, if you are ready to get started, and if you want to discover how you can cure your procrastination in just 5 minutes, then I invite you to join me in this breath-taking new program.
Watch session number one NOW, learn the science behind why we procrastinate, go through the program and do ALL the exercises that I’ll give you.
It will make a huge difference in your life.
Okay, see you inside. Cheers!                                        
100% Off - Instagram Founder's 5-Minute Cure for Procrastination Course 100% Off - Instagram Founder's 5-Minute Cure for Procrastination Course Reviewed by Yunus Emre Dikmen on Eylül 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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