%100 Off - How to Win US Federal Government Contracts

The Ultimate Beginner's Course for Small Business Owners – Free Course

👉What Will I Learn?

  • After taking this course, Small Business Owners and BD Professionals will have a fundamental understanding of selling to the government, and a strategic map for how their business can win contracts with the US Federal Government.


  • No prior knowledge is required for this course. A basic understanding of selling goods and services to the government is helpful.


“Finally, an actual strategy for winning government contracts…Not just terminology, facts, and figures”
From the ages of 26-29, I won 32 US Federal Government contracts worth over $15M. I did this with no prior experience and with very minimal guidance working for a woman owned small business.
At the time, I wish I had a course or some way of learning how to sell to the government. Everything online is so confusing (like alphabet soup), and learning to do business with the US government is like learning another language.
Once you learn the language and the terminology, what about an actual strategy to win contracts? I have yet to find anyone teaching an actual step-by-step strategy to win contracts.

I decided to evaluate everything I learned, and boil it down to the most important elements that anyone can easily learn and apply to actually winning government contracts. What came from that process resulted in the outline for this course.
In this course, you will learn the strategic steps that I share in my book “Winning Government Contracts” (Amazon). Any small business owner, regardless of socio-economic status, can apply these steps and formulate their own strategy to begin winning government contracts.
This course includes 6 Sections, 27 lectures, 6 quizzes, and over an hour of premium content.
In this course you will learn:
  • How to identify agencies that actually buy what your company sells
  • The right way to market to these agencies
  • All of the key persons that you must develop relationships with at your target agencies
  • How to respond to government market research and RFP bids
  • Long-term strategies for continuing to win government contracts
  • Common distractions to limit or stay away from                                           
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