100% Off - The guide to spiritual enlightenment

Give your feelings the space they deserve

☛ What Will I Learn?

  • Various meditations (also partner meditation)
  • The difference between feelings, impulses and thoughts

  • Let your feelings be there

  • Be honest to yourself
  • Sound exercise
  • Layers of awareness
  • letting go
  • awareness exercises

☛ Requirements

  • No previous knowledge needed. You will see and feel how easy it is to feel

☛ Description

The fun and the ease find the way back to the feelings.
My goal is to bring you closer to your locked feelings. I’ll show you how this is possible.
My motivation is that in the past I rejected my feelings as if they were excluded. You may give them the space they deserve. This is about your feelings and the path to them. My wish is that you are able to feel your innermost.

Goals and Paths:
– Give your mind a rest
– Feel the feelings
– Let go of everything and relax
– recognize your motivations
– Find your deepest wish
– Time for yourself
– rest and retreat from everyday life
– fall into deeper layers                                                       
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