100% Off - Fundamentals of Filmmaking:

The Complete DSLR Filmmaking Guide – Free Course

👉What Will I Learn?

  • Learn to Operate a DSLR.
  • How to Capture Quality Sound.

  • How to Use lights.

  • How to Edit Video.
  • How to Film in Low Light.
  • How to Modify Lenses.
  • Learn to Film Indoors.
  • Learn to Film Outdoor.
  • Shoot Video in Low Light.
  • Edit on Final Cut X.
  • Colour Grade / Correct .
  • Choose a Camera and Microphone.
  • Learn Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.
  • Filmmaking Philosophy.


  • Have the desire to want to learn filmmaking.
  • Pen and Paper.
  • Own ANY Camera (Preferably a DSLR).


Learn Filmmaking from Pre-Production to Post-Production:
In this course, you will learn to capture quality video with your standard DSLR. You will learn how to capture quality video, capture clear sound, how to set up lights and much more!
You will Learn Exposure, Apertures, Shutter Speed and many Cinematography Fundamentals. We will have several exercises for you to complete as well as at home training. You will also learn to fully function fully operate any DSLR.

We have provided ways in which you can learn by doing. Filmmaking has never been so easy.
This course has been developed for Beginner and Intermediate Filmmakers.                                                        
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