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Learn How to Quickly Launch Your Own Awesome, Mobile-Responsive Website Using Bootstrap 3 Coding Effectively – Free Course

👉What Will I Learn?

  • Learn what responsive web design is and how the Bootstrap 3 frontend framework makes it easier to implement
  • Learn the web design process and how to build a website using Bootstrap 3

  • Learn by building professional responsive layouts with components step-by-step

  • Learn web design guidelines to optimize your site for mobile
  • Learn components such as Tab Widget, Product Grid, Badges, Tables and Custom header
  • and much more!


  • You need to have a Pc or Smartphone with internet connection
  • You need to have the willingness to put in action what you learn to achieve great results
  • Some experience with HTML coding and CSS is helpful but not necessary


Learn to create amazing responsive websites or web applications with Bootstrap theme development like a Ninja!
One of the big challenges in web development is maintaining the site’s compatibility across devices and their various display sizes, from desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones.
The last thing we want is to have a website that looks good on a desktop but is painful to navigate on a small display, or looks great on a small screen but appears oddly tiny in the center of a large screen.
Ideally the site should have the ability to automatically reorganize itself to provide the optimal viewing experience, in accordance with the size of the display.

In short, we want our website to be responsive.
This is where Bootstrap 3 comes in handy.
It makes building responsive websites easier and quicker.
In this ultimate Bootstrap Course you will become familiar with the components, setting up the grid layout, customizing the look and feel, how to follow the mobile-first development workflow, and more!
I have built 100+ websites and WordPress themes.
Let me show you exactly the process of actually building a full web design layout and how to build responsive layouts that look great in every browser and device.
This video tutorial will teach you to understand the main components of Bootstrap 3, and how to use them even if you have very little knowledge in working with CSS frameworks!.
You will learn how to use our customizable templates to quickly launch your own awesome, mobile-responsive website with very little effort. Also you will get a complete, meaningful overview of CSS frameworks and how to use them effectively.

Aimed at absolute beginners, this Course will not require you to have any experience in HTML, CSS or JQuery.
Enroll today and start building responsive layouts in less time and with less effort like a Bootstrap Ninja!                                                         
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