100% Off - Bitcoin for Beginners: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Improve your Financial Education, and learn the basic principles of Bitcoin – Free Course

👉 What Will I Learn?

  • Improved Financial Education.
  • Defining money as a medium of exchange.

  • Understand what a double-spending problem is, and how Blockchain address this issue.

  • The revolution of crypto & Digital Cash
  • Trusted third parties & Quantitative easing
  • The importance of cryptocurrency
  • Understand the differences between Centralization and Decentralization
  • The Invention of Bitcoin
  • The rise of the Cypherpunks and Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Learn all the Skills of Bitcoin

👉 Requirements

  • There are no prior requirements for taking this course.
  • This course is explained in everyday english, therefore no technical background necessary.

👉 Description

You might heard about Bitcoin and you know that’s a cryptocurrency, but you still want to know more?
Perhaps you are wondering why Bitcoin is called cryptocurrency, and how does it work right?
In this course I am gonna share with you the fundamentals of bitcoin, how and why it was invented, and how it is capable of eliminating trusted third parties.
I will also talk about;
– the history of money,
– quantitative easing,
– centralization and decentralization,
so you can fully comprehend why bitcoin is so powerful, and why it is the best medium of exchange we have ever created.

Whether you are a complete beginner to Bitcoin, or just want to improve your financial education, you will find this course extremely useful!
The ideal student is someone who quickly wants to increase their knowledge on bitcoin and cryptocurrency fundamentals, and wishes to understand why and by whom it was created.
No Prior knowledge or experience is required, and by the end of this course you will become confident to explain why Bitcoin is the invention of the 21st century, and why it is the first real Fin-tech innovation, where finance and technology combined together!
If you ready to take this journey with me, join the class now, and I will see you in the course!                                                 
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