%100 Off - Applied Marketing Strategies In The Digital Era Course

Adapt your company to the evolving marketing environment – Free Course

☛ What Will I Learn?

  • You will be able to understand how marketing has changed over the digital evolution
  • You will be able to learn new marketing approaches and adapt them to your business

  • You will increase your confidence and skills on digital marketing strategies

  • You will learn how consumer behavior is changing
  • You will learn how to build an effective digital presence that drives consumer engagement
  • You will learn how to create digital marketing strategies that use today's technologies across the customers journey.

☛ Requirements

  • Students need to have basic understanding of the marketing channels available today
  • Suitable for all businesses: services, products, info products, B2C, B2B

☛ Description

Whether you’re have a basic understanding of digital marketing, are a small entrepreneur or marketing professional seeking for a more rounded understanding of digital marketing, this course is perfect for you.
Tap into the new digital era and gain fresh knowledge on the latest digital marketing methods, this course has been crafted for you to directly and effectively apply what you learn to your brand.
This mini course will give you a flavour of the digital revolution, along with its trends, what are the impact of these on your customer journey and on your customers micro moments. Finally we will look at the importance of video content in your marketing strategy.
%100 Off - Applied Marketing Strategies In The Digital Era Course %100 Off -  Applied Marketing Strategies In The Digital Era Course Reviewed by Yunus Emre Dikmen on Eylül 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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