%100 Off - How to Craft your Value Proposition

And develop a strong marketing or lead generation 'mix' of high impact activities that will deliver on your targets – Free Course

☛ What Will I Learn?

  • Be able to generate more on profile leads – increased quantity and quality
  • Be able to craft a powerful Value Proposition – sometimes referred to as a Positioning Statement

  • Be able to identify and prioritise key lead generation tactics

  • Be able to communicate their proposition clearly internally and externally – e.g. to prospects, sales teams, agencies

☛ Requirements

  • Basic understanding of business and marketing

☛ Description

Now that we have a really strong idea of our core products or services that we will focus on, we need to build a really strong ‘story’ that will form the basis of our marketing and sales activities.
We refer to this ‘story, or compelling offer’ as the Value Proposition. A good value proposition will synthesise the compelling reasons why someone should buy from you. Done well, it will form the basis of all communications and is also an essential briefing document for use with external agencies.

With 9 out of 10 businesses that we work with, growing the number of customers/ increasing sales will be one of their critical paths – and the first step in doing this should be to ensure a strong value proposition.
Otherwise all the marketing in the world won’t get you very far.
The second step is to identify the key tactics in your ‘marketing mix’ that will deliver the most impact on your numbers if done well.
This course will cover both of these things giving you the tools to get your messaging and your marketing mix right.
The bonus lecture at the end positions these two frameworks in the overall ‘Execution Pillar’ – one of the four key ‘Pillars’ of successfully scaling your business.                                                
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