(100% Off Udmy Free Coupon) Shut Up! Experience the Power

The Power at the Tip of Your Tongue

☛ What Will I Learn?

…gain leverage at work and home.
…use the strategy of the Shut-Up principle any time you choose.
…transform the chatter inside your head into supporting support.

☛ Requirements

You have the tools required if you can listen and make application.

☛ Description

Don't be a door mat for people to wipe their feet on.

This course grew from my work with inmates in the state prison system.  They needed a simple and yet powerful way to take more control in their lives.  I am delighted to bring this experience to Udemy and share it with you.

This course…

            ● Is gruff but loving.

            ● Provides a free PDF copy of the book: Over 101 Ways to Shut Up and Make Your World a Better Place

            ● Shows you how not to take the bait and get drawn into a pointless argument.

            ● Shows you how to turn inner chatter into inner support.

            ● Shows you how to appear much wiser than you might be (cool trick).

            ● Reveals a simple way to improve relationships.

            ● Supports you as a Life Coach, Counselor, or Minister.

            ● Can be downloaded for offline use.

            ● Provides downloads in both PDF and RTF formats so that you may edit and use as you desire.

            ● Does NOT promise to magically cure all the problems of life (I'm not that good, sorry).

            ● Believes that together we can make a difference.

If you desire to gain leverage in your life, then this course has something worth looking into.  I'm not promising that it is a fit for your personally, so watch the previews and then you will know if there if value here for you.

Wishing You the Best
Clarence W. Fell

☛ Who is the target audience?

You, if you desire more control over your life.
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