[%100 Off Udmy Free Coupon] Discrete Mathematics Complete Course

 Discrete Math + Lattices + Boolean Algebra + Graph + Tree

What will I learn?

Learn All About Lattices
Learn All About Boolean Algebra
Learn All About Graph
Learn All About Trees


Basic Math Knowledge is required


What is this course about?

Discrete Mathematics (DM), or Discrete Math is the backbone of Mathematics and Computer Science. DM is the study of topics that are discrete rather than continues, for that, the course is a MUST for any Math or SC student. The topics that are covered in this course are the most essential ones, those that will touch every Math and Science student at some point of their education. Discrete Mathematics gives students the ability to understand Math language and based on that, the course is divided into 8 sections. The sections are:

and Combinatorics

How is it delivered?

I know visually seeing a problem getting solved is the easiest and the most direct way for a student to learn so I designed the course keeping this in mind. The materials are delivered mostly through videos to make complex subject easy to comprehend. More details on certain lessons are delivered through text files to provide more explanation or examples. The course is taught in plain English, away from cloudy, complicated mathematical jargons and that is to help the student learn the material rather than getting stuck with fancy words.

Who İs the Target Audience ? 

Computer Science, Data Science
Anyone interested in gaining mastery of the core topics in Discrete Mathematics.           
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