(100% Off Udmy Free Coupon) Create Professional Animated Banner-Ads

A step-by-step course, all taught in simple, non-technical and easy to follow language

☛ What Will I Learn?

  • Be able to make their very own professional banner ads that captures the viewer's attention
  • Understand how to design, display and customize their very banner whether that be for mobile and/or the web

  • Start making your very own banners for your business, blog, vlog, videos, E-commerce, even go Viral Marketing

  • Start increasing the reach of their business; their customers, their products and even their advocacy (should they be a NPO/NGO)
  • Work at Home, or basically anywhere with or without an internet connection
  • Double your $$$ earning capacity
  • A better understanding of how animation works
  • Market their products/services in a creative and effective way

☛ Requirements

  • Photoshop

☛ Description

With over 2.4 billion people using smartphones on Android or iOS– there are more people online now than ever before; Facebook alone has over 500 million using their platform alone.
The potential to reach more people greater now with your message; whether it’s for business, charity, a cause that you love or a family member who needs help– you can reach so much people especially with unique-looking, DIY, banner.
Let me share my graphic design secrets with you.
The job of a graphic designer/artist is not merely to make something beautiful, but to truly make something unique-looking. Something that stands out from the crowd. A design will normally attract a few people, but a unique, bold, colorful yet simple design will not only attract a crowd but loyal consumers.

A Unique Perspective.
I have over 10+ years as a mixed media artist, I have work with publications such as DIWA newsletter as their head layout artist and with companies that are in, what you might call boring fields i.e. Law, Human Rights,NGO, NPO, Charity, Anti-Human Traffickingm etc. It has been my pleasure, to turn their companies into “human” instead of feeling, very “corporate.”
How is this course different?
There are lots of great courses on banner ads. Shame they never really go much further than a simple text, some colors and normal-looking design. They upload it on the web, or on mobile hoping that it’ll receive traction not understanding there’s a direct marketing element involved..
  • In this course, I focus on helping you master the techniques that you will need to create your own unique, eye-catching and ever so colorfully conservative. Helping you understand that there is a flow that must be instilled.
  • As this course grows with more students enrolling; new topics, case studies and walkthroughs will be introduced.
  • All taught in simple, non-technical and easy to follow language.
Who will benefit?
Who will benefit? Well, freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business owners even people who just want to expand their skill-set and earning capacity. And so will any person responsible for their company’s marketing; wanting to improve their skills and their conceptualization of promotions.
And remember, this is a Udemy course, you have the security of a no-quarrel, 100% money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so join me right now and see for yourself the creative and fascinating journey.  
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