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The complete junior to SENIOR java developer course with over 100 projects to boost your java programming skill in 2018 – Free Course

What Will I Learn?

  • You will know how to setup the Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • You will know how to setup Eclipse IDE

  • You will know how to setup Swing Plugin on Eclipse IDE using Window Builder

  • You will learn how to setup JavaFX Plugin on Eclipse IDE
  • You will learn how to implement Java projects using JavaFX
  • You will learn how to implement Java projects using Swing
  • You will built working calculator in Java
  • You will build lots of projects under Arrays
  • You will build basic Java projects from scratch to boost your skill in Java programming
  • You will build numerous projects using Multithreading
  • You will answer lots of quizzes related to interview questions to get you prepared on your employment day


  • You must have a strong internet connection to stream the videos without interruption
  • You must hava computer to follow the instructor and practice every thing thought by the instructor
  • You must have the knowlegde of basics of Java programming


Welcome to Code 100+ practical java projects from scratch with Quizzes! Learning Java programming language and understanding Java programming language are two different things. Almost every student enjoy learning Java programming language. But, only a few number of these students actually understand Java programming language afterwards. This is where the remaining students are left behind and kept wandering from one course to another over the internet to get the best knowledge on understanding Java programming language with cups of coffee on their table everyday.
Code 100+ practical java projects from scratch with Quizzes is a comprehensive and concise guide with over 20 hours of content that is designed to pick up every interested student from the state of “zero-knowledge” to a state of “Hero-knowledge” in Java programming with lots of practical Java projects. As a senior software developer and an instructor with many years of experience in the industry, I have mastered the best way to give my students packages that will help them to learn and understand Java programming in one course without the need to waste their hard earned money on different courses that will limit them to one side of Java programming and forcing them to pay to learn the other sides.

Why Must I Take This Course And What Benefit Is It To ME As Java Developer?
This is the only course on the internet that will help you to become a certified and successful Java developer with an in-depth knowledge of the entire aspect of Java technology and prepare you with the required skills necessary to build you to face job interviews and get employed as a full stack Java developer. This course is prepared on four solid levels to get you started without any confusion and good understanding. These include projects on Swing technology, projects on JavaFX technology, over 100 beginners project and lots of quizzes to prepare you for the interview on your employment day.
Moreover, the instructor is a very high experienced teacher, software developer and have also worked with some reputable companies. He has also been teaching computer programming since 2014 and have mastered the art of conveying information for better understanding which have made many of his student excel with less stress in computer programming. Students are advised to follow this course step by step so that they would understand it very well because every lecture is filled with vital information which should not be missed.
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