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The Advanced HTML5 Bootcamp

The easiest way to learn HTML5 step-by-step from scratch.

What Will I Learn?

Introduction to HTML5
Required tools to learn HTML5
HTML5 text formatting tags
HTML5 list elements
HTML5 Link elements
HTML5 image element
HTML5 table element
HTML5 semantic elements
HTML5 multimedia elements (like audio, video, iframe)
HTML5 entities
HTML5 accessibilities
HTML5 tools


This is a beginner to advance course — You do not have to worry about anything , this is from scratch
Any computer and OS will work — Windows, macOS or Linux
There is no need for any paid software — The text editor you already have works just fine
No prerequisites


*******HTML5, the latest markup language standard for the World Wide Web (WWW).*******

Why learn HTML5?

If you want to design and code the front-end of web apps or mobile apps or email templates, you need to use HTML5.

What's new in HTML5?

New semantic elements
Audio element
Video element
Canvas Element

Using HTML5 you can build :

Web Apps
Mobile Apps
Email Template

It is likely possible to build more complex browser based games in the future using Canvas element.

If you know HTML5 well, there's plenty of opportunity to find a job as a designer, especially since you'd have the advantage of being able to code what you've designed, reducing a lot of back and forth and also allowing you to have control over your own work.

As a skill, HTML5 is also useful for online marketers, since you won't have to always get company developers to help you fix something like the email template design if you can do it yourself.

If you'd like to consider becoming a front-end web developer or UX engineer, you must learn HTML5 well.

Why should take this course?

Anyone who wants to create a website,mobile apps,email template or develop a game then they have to learn HTML5.
It is the future of web and in this course I covered every single topic from scratch.
This course is for everyone who wants to learn HTML5 from beginner level to advanced level.
This course is based on the latest W3C specs.

Note : In this course I covered only HTML5 from scratch, I didn't mixed CSS or JavaScript in this course because I want to make this course simple and easy to understand.

I'm making separate HTML5 (DOM,SVG,Canvas,APIs), CSS and JavaScript courses like this course only. So you can learn CSS and JavaScript also from beginner level to advanced level.

So, what are you waiting for?

Who is the target audience?

This course is for everyone who want to learn HTML5 from beginning (Absolute beginner)
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