[100% Off Udmy Coupon] Posing Couples Masterclass

Learn how to Pose Couples for Photoshoots. Includes Pinterest Board with 100 Images with Poses.
What Will I Learn?

You will learn to pose couples during photoshoots


Basic Knowledge of Photography
Desire to Photograph Couples


In this course you will learn how to pose models for photoshoots. Using live models you will see a series of poses you can do in your upcoming photoshoots. We will go over Flow Posing, where we change details of a pose to get different images. We will talk about where to face, hands, arms, legs, posture, hair, and expressions. 

You will also get a Pinterest board with 100 images with different poses to use during your photoshoot to recreate and take better pictures. 

I have poses categories by these categories:

Holding: Involve poses where they either hold hands, arm, or one holds the other with one arm.

Hugging: Involves poses where at least one hugs the other person with both arms.

Lifting: Involve poses where either person lifts the other person in the air.

Sitting: Involves poses where they are sitting.

Laying: Involves poses where they are laying down.

Kissing: A series of poses where the focus is on the kiss. Also shows a variety of places one can kiss in a image.

Fun/Cute: A series of poses that are fun, playful and cute. The focus is less about posing and more about being playful and cute.

Who is the target audience?

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