[100% Off Udmy Coupon] Learn German: An Immersive Language Journey for Beginners

Learn German the natural way, by virtually exposing yourself to real day-to-day language and engaging interactively.

What Will I Learn?

  • Students will have a basic understanding of the German language. They will know most of the important grammar as well as many words and ready-made sentences for confident usage.


  • You need a computer or mobile phone with functioning video and audio as well as a stable internet connection.


Here is what you’ll get on top of the taught lessons:
Personal Teacher Feedback: Ask any German related questions and your teacher will reply to them personally.
Interactive Role Play Tasks: Here you will face multiple real-world challenges where you get the chance to build sentences, using commonly used phrases and expressions, in order to hold up a conversation.
A personal journal: Practice vocabulary and learn new words by filling in the gaps in your Germanix travel journey entries. Guided solutions and explanations of sentence structure are provided.
Small quizzes and exercises: These are for easy and quick repetition and check-up on what you’ve retained.
A fellow student: Bosco, your class mate, who is in fact a real student, will learn at the same time with you and ask questions you might also have.
Travel videos: After completion of the course, you will see your teacher in a more personal environment showing you around the amazing city of Berlin and giving advice on different travel or language related topics.
The basis of this course are video lessons in which your teacher Sonja will guide you through important Grammar and lots of words and example phrases, all nicely visualised by colourful and animated texts and icons.
With this German language course you will jump in at the deep end of language learning and the amount of content covered will be enormous. It has been designed in a way to stray away from standard language teaching, by making it interactive, entertaining and simply realistic. This course is suitable for complete beginners as well as people with already some knowledge of German. To make your journey really exciting, you will follow a storyline throughout the course and enjoy many complementary extras.
This course will be constantly updated and expanded and you can contact your teacher any time if you have questions or need further clarification or even if you have built some sentences and want them checked. Let’s make language learning fun and exciting. Enjoy your virtual exposure and jump right in! 🙂
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[100% Off Udmy Coupon] Learn German: An Immersive Language Journey for Beginners [100% Off Udmy Coupon] Learn German: An Immersive Language Journey for Beginners Reviewed by Yunus Emre Dikmen on Temmuz 22, 2018 Rating: 5

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