[100% Off Udmy Coupon] Android Material Design Slidenerd Style

Learn to build material design apps from null to stackoverflow

What Will I Learn?

Create any app in Android that uses material design
Understand the visual and functional APIs involved in material design
Learn which colors to use, how to use colors, styles for material design
Work with navigation drawers, customize them as per other standard apps
Create Floating Action Buttons with menus and use 3rd party libraries for doing the same
Work with RecyclerViews as an alternative to ListViews, customize them, load dynamic data inside them, section them, animate their modifications, animate their visual perception when the user loads them
Download and parse JSON
Understand how to use Volley library for 


Object Oriented Java
Basics of Android (Intents/SQLite/Networking/ListViews)


Material Design in Android is the new and future way of designing and developing apps. It involves new APIs that not only enhance the visual perception of your apps but also the functionality in terms of how you create them and how the user perceives them.

This course walks through the process of building a simple app that displays list of movies but dives into absolute detail while building the app.
The concepts learnt through this course can be applied to any other app you plan to design using material design terminology.
You will be able to make apps that use Navigation Drawer, Toolbar, Transitions, RecyclerView, Animations, Ripple Effects, Material Tabs, Vector Drawables, JSON Parsing, Volley library, JobScheduler API and several other fixes after completing this course.
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